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Introductory Paragraph

ST4M1NA seeks to inspire through all his art. Whether that’s through lyrics or photographs, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the images and songs evoke a response from their respective audiences. With photography, in particular, it’s important to find the places and events that you want to live forever in a single moment. Here are just a few inspirations aspiring photographers can gain from viewing ST4M1NA’s photography.

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New Perspectives

ST4M1NA specializes in seeing things from a unique, artistic perspective. He takes common, everyday sights and swaps our typical perspective with something unconventional. Where you might typically see a landmark or famous site from an unadulterated perspective, ST4M1NA embraces the realities of the busy settings surrounding them.

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Finding Beauty in the Small Things

ST4M1NA specializes in seeing the beauty in small things. Celebrating small wins or events can be as powerful if not more than a major event or celebration. Common everyday beauty keeps us going and refreshes us from our busy work life providing us lots of energy to keep striving for our dreams and aspirations. We often forget about this practice but this is how sometimes we can find beautiful pictures in a crowded and busy landscape.

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Capturing the City & Nature

There’s an undeniable drastic contrast between nature and the city, and ST4M1NA respects the beauty of both. In his work, he tries to capture the everyday experience of the city resident and the natural, unobstructed beauty of nature. However, his work shines especially bright when he combines the two - taking city shots from a natural perspective.

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Appreciating the Coast

The simple image of a cresting wave or a barren beach evokes emotion in people. Seeing the photo makes the witness imagine the sound of crashing water, the smell of salty air, and the feel of a cool ocean breeze against the cheeks. That’s why ST4M1NA captures the coast whenever he can. The images he captures bring the feel of the beach to his audience, no matter where they are in the world.

There is so much beauty to be found in the world. Take some inspiration from the points above and go out to capture it all. To learn more about ST4M1NA’s projects, check out our other blogs. Then, subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest ST4M1NA updates!

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