ST4M1NA stands for resilience. A black-owned boutique photography firm empowering entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the real estate and hospitality industry.

We are passionate to create impactful art projects for commercial and residential properties. Creating beautiful stories with our photography lens and approach business operations through healthcare & wellness.

ST4M1NA is built for the future.

Our core values are: Respect, Resourcefulness and Hospitality

Respect is the appreciation and care of others through a lens of love and compassion of the self.

Resourcefulness is the ability to provide value through an efficient management of resources such as time, money and human capital.

Hospitality is providing a space of safety and comfort through excellent customer service to others.

Our mission is to build excellent and meaningful projects to our clients.

Our vision is to impact millions of residents over 3 generations.

Westin Harbour Castle Photography Exhibition  by ST4M1NA

ST4M1NA has been featured from Oct 2021 to March 31st 2022 at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto for his first official photography exhibition. In total, 11 unique custom pieces were made based around the waterfront theme of Ontario landscapes. Each artwork displayed are all available for purchase in the SHOP section.

Currently, ST4M1NA is being featured at King Blue Hotel on the second floor located in 355 King Street West, Toronto, Canada. Transparent QR Codes and description labels of all 3 pieces have been installed for a seamless experience to hotel guests and visitors of the property.

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Evergreen Works on Canvas
Humber Ways on Canvas
Marina Bay on Canvas
Serenity on Canvas
Waterfront Breeze on Canvas
Waterfront Sailor on Canvas
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Evergreen Wide King Blue-1.jpg
Evergreen Works King Blue 2-1.jpg
Merci & Kajama Wide King Blue-1.jpg
Merci Wide King Blue.jpg
Merci King Blue 2.jpg
Merci & Kajama Wide King Blue.jpg
Kajama Side Wide .jpg
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