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About Our Founder

Samuel Verreault is the Founder & CEO of ST4M1NA. He started his entrepreneurial journey as a Montreal born artist specialized in vibrant photography artworks and bilingual Hip-Hop music. His professional journey in art and wellness started during his Kinesiology studies at the University of Toronto.

ST4M1NA launched in 2020 and transformed over the years to become a boutique photography and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their branding, market research, deal flow and sales strategy needs with an health-based approach.

Through consistently travelling in North America and attending various conferences in multiple industries, Samuel created relationships with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, local artists, investors and mentors to build a strong network of professionals. This allowed him to grow in various sales roles and receive unique insights on creating strategic partnerships, learning sales & business development strategy and create a a valuable ecosystem for clients and partners in his network.

ST4M1NA's vision for the art industry is to increase property value, innovating brands and generating unique income opportunities. From providing quality photography services to curating commercial spaces, ST4M1NA strives to create valuable partnerships with his client through understanding their brand identity and think outside of the box.

In the ongoing future, ST4M1NA’s mission is to elevate entrepreneurs and emerging artists in real estate development, property management, office spaces, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Outside of work, Samuel is passionate about basketball, meditation, healthcare and creating a better future for others. He loves nature and enjoys spending time going for a hike and do outdoor activities.